Eng Rus
  • Managing tasks and monitoring their status will become easier than calling or messaging
  • Assigning a task to any phone contact is convenient both for business and private matters
  • All the discussion goes on within a certain task & only with those who are related to the task
  • No more "I forgot" and "You should have messaged me", notifications will work even offline
Every task is like a yellow post-it note, which can be sent to the performer
right to their To-Do list. Monitoring the statuses of the delegated tasks is
easier than writing in the personal or group chat or calling.
Exchanging tasks not only within the team but with any contact from your phone.
Even if the task performer hasn’t installed our app, you can still
assign a task to them and personally manage its status.
Creating a task is just as easy as sending a text message or making a phone call.
Don’t waste your time on chaotic chat discussions and boring emailing. Conduct an
individual dialogue in the context of a specific task and only with its participants.
Instantly create tasks by your voice with automatic text recognition.
You can set tasks for a specific date, add several reminders, set the deadlines,
select priority, attach color tags and change assignee.
Every year amount of information and its sources is growing, and
it is getting harder to keep in mind and control all the important tasks.
CtrlDO helps you manage your tasks effectively, stay focused and save time.
Feel more in control of your life.
Get tasks out of your head.
Collaborate with Colleagues, Friends & Family.
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